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ul. Kościuszki 41
05-080 Izabelin

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Open from Monday
to Friday:
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

"Juniperus" Outpatient clinic

"Juniperus" is a private outpatient clinic that offers general medical services and medical specialties in pediatrics and internal medicine. Founded on January 1, 1994 in Izabelin by doctors Alina and Witold Galczak, Juniperus was the first General Practitioner Clinic and brought the benefits of Poland's medical care reforms to Izabelin.

Since 1999, the clinic has served over half of the patients in Izabelin and surrounding area under the public family medical care program. Today, "Juniperus" is a Private Medical Care and Clinical Trial Centre serving close to 3000 patients across all age groups. The age groups structure is as follows:

Age group0-67-65Over 65
Number of patients2002450350

As a Clinical Trial Centre, "Juniperus" guarantees that research is conducted in accordance with ICH - GCP requirements and that top level medical care is offered. The medical personnel and professional staff of "Juniperus" have long and strong clinical and academic backgrounds and experiences. Their focus is always on the well being and safety of patients while providing assurances of high quality research, reliable results and professional documentation.

Trial Coordinator in Juniperus Clinic is M.D. Justyna Pietrak, with many years of experience as a co-Investigator as well, as a Clinical Trial Specialist in International CRO and PV Manager in Pharmaceutical Company.


  • Laboratory "eMRlab" in Warsaw,Wrzeciono street
  • Hospitals: Bielanski, Wolski, CSK AM Banacha 1 street
  • Institute of Mother and Child and Centre of Child's Health
  • Pharmacy in Izabelin, Malachowskiego street

There are two consultation rooms, one minor surgery room, a waiting area and a registration area in the building of the outpatient clinic "Juniperus", as well as the following equipment:

  • ECG set Aspel B-5
  • Spirometry set Aspel
  • Refrigerator
  • Electronic scales
  • Antibacterial lamp NBV-30
  • Xero Minolta CSPro-30
  • Fax Philips
  • Two telephone lines
  • Two PCs, web connection